Aye, new buccaneer! Edit

Aye, welcome to the Piracy Wiki. This wiki is all about piracy, pirates, & what they do. We also tell what happened and who was in conflict during the olden piracy ages.

Disclaimer: This wiki has NOTHING to do with piracy with computer software.

What Pirates Do Now Edit

Here, not to be racist but.. Most pirates are not all white ugly lookin' in those suits, those suits are cool and me not be calling 'em ugly but mates b' saying dey ugly! Most pirates are African American, Mexican, possibly Native American, not sure. Most likely, piracy stopped happening sometime in 1799, when we hit 1800's, their were no ships bein' plundered, cargo stolen or anything much. Mostly, the civil war started happening, then in the late 18th-century, WW1 began with Germany and them. Still not much conflict between ships happened, mostly ship sailing had stopped in the time of 1800s. Now, when WW2 began with the Nazi Empire or whatever ye call it, their were ships going to Antarctica, Poland, all places for the Nazis, the German Empire or " Nazis " began ship-sailing a lot to different places and later on, in 1950s, no ships at all sailed ( only probably 34 per day in an approximate estimate ). 1960s, Vietnam happened, their was some water conflict. Oh, I can't forget about 1918 or somewhere in the 1910s when the Titanic sank. 1970s, not much. 1980s, aye nope. 1990s, barely ever. 20th-century, nope. Only African Americans that wanted euros and other races. Me cannot be racist to the others.